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Why Wool Carpet

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When it comes to selecting the right carpets for your floors, the first question that arises is usually, wool or synthetic? While there are pros and cons for each option, there is nothing quite like high-quality wool carpet.

Wool has been used to manufacture carpet for thousands of years. Wool carpeting is renowned for its high quality – wool is a resilient, natural, durable and sustainable fibre that is also luxurious both in appearance and feel. It provides comfort underfoot, warmth and insulation for your home, and absorbs sound. Naturally resistant to fire and anti-static, it even helps you to reduce the energy costs associated with warming your home in winter and cooling it in summer.

Why is Wool Carpet Better?

Ease of Maintenance – Wool is easy to clean and maintain, and there are many homes with wool carpets that last for decades looking and feeling great. To care for wool carpeting, all you need to do is vacuum it regularly and have it professionally cleaned by a reputable carpet cleaning company every 18 months – 2 years.

Lasting Aesthetic Appeal – Wool has a natural spring-back due to its structure; it has a natural crimp. This natural crimp means that it can bounce back time and time again even after heavy traffic use. Compared with synthetic carpeting alternatives, wool will look much better for longer.

Soil and Stain Resistance – Due to the nature of the wool fibre and its inherent natural scales, carpet made from wool is extremely resistant to spills and stains. Dirt remains on the top of the pile until it is vacuumed. Liquid spills are repelled by the natural wool fibres, giving you plenty of time to clean them before they set in.

Flame Resistance – Wool is fire resistant and self-extinguishing. Wool will not ignite in the presence of a flame, but will instead smoulder. Compared with other carpet fibres, wool is a smarter choice as it will not melt.

Natural Insulation – Wool is a natural insulator for your home; it helps keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. It is also great in humid areas as the natural thermal properties of wool mean it can take on up to ten times its weight in moisture (without feeling damp). This moisture is released back into the atmosphere when required.

Anti-allergenic – If you suffer from allergies, wool carpet is a great option in your home for your health and wellbeing. Wool fibre is too large to inhale. Carpet is also a better choice for asthmatics, as dust remains on the top of the carpet until it is removed by vacuuming. (With hard floors, the dust will circulate every time it’s walked over).

Sustainability – As long as we have sheep, we have wool! Wool is derived from live sheep and at no risk to the animal; as such, it is a renewable resource with an unlimited supply. Additionally, it is produced without it is the ultimate choice for those consumers who are environmentally conscious.

Choose Impact Floors for your Carpet!

Here at Impact Floors, we have a large range of our wool carpet. The wool used in these carpets is sourced from Farms in NZ, which is the producer of some of the best wool in the world. New Zealand wool is prized worldwide and used in carpets globally.

The quality of wool carpet offered at Impact Floors is second to none – provided at the best available prices so that you know there is the ideal product for your needs and your budget. We also offer custom-made wool rugs if you don’t wish to carpet an entire area.

Call us today on (07) 5443 1295 or drop into our showroom at 73-75 Wises Road, Maroochydore, Qld.

Top Tips For Choosing Your Carpet

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There’s nothing quite like replacing old, scruffy, threadbare or grubby carpet with brand new flooring, and fresh new carpet remains a very popular flooring option throughout Australia. New carpet that is of high quality instantly lifts a room, giving it warmth and a cosy feel, softening its aesthetic and making for a very comfortable space.

But selecting your new carpet can be daunting. What type of carpet material should I choose? What colour carpet will work best for my home?

Here are some simple tips to help you choose the right carpet for your home and lifestyle:

  • Consider your Lifestyle: your lifestyle and family will be a huge determining factor for the type of carpet you choose. A couple with no pets or children will have very different requirements than a family with young kids and indoor pets. For example, those who require a more hardwearing, sturdy and durable carpet will be better selecting a hard twist cut or textured loop pile in a darker colour. Entertainers will also need to consider the tone and durability of their carpet choice.
  • Consider the Fibre Type: there is an array of options when it comes to the fibre from which your carpet is manufactured. These include 100% wool, wool-nylon mix, and synthetic fibres of numerous types including nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and others.

Wool is the most commonly-used natural fibre in carpet. (Other natural carpet fibres include but are not limited to cotton, coir, sisal, silk, jute and seagrass). Wool is durable and is initially stain resistant. Synthetic fibres are far superior for carpet when it comes to general stain resistance and ease of care. Synthetic carpets are also durable, in particular nylon, and nylon carpet is great in high traffic areas. Synthetic fibre carpets are also generally more affordable than natural fibres.

Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) is a great, modern carpeting option. Flexible and durable and can be specially treated to increase resistance to stains. It lasts a long time, is easy to clean, and is resistant to soil and dirt. Solution Dyed Nylon carpets are also anti-static treated. It’s a fantastic carpet flooring option that looks great and is easy to maintain for a long time.

Consider the Pile: the term “pile” refers to the density and pattern of the fibres within a carpet.

  • Loop pile – these textured carpets have loops of yarn; they don’t show footprints at all and are great for high traffic areas. Loop pile is available in two main types: Sisal has straight rows and different patterns; Multi-Level Loop Pile has fibre loops of varying heights and is extremely durable
  • Cut pile- this style is manufactured by cutting the carpet yarn loops – the resulting pile is upright and appears more formal and luxurious than a loop pile. Cut pile may be of three types. Plush is soft, thick and velvety, it is slightly twisted and shows footprints. Twist is highly twisted in design and lies in many different directions; it is hardwearing and ideal for areas of heavy traffic. It has a texture which doesn’t show footprints.  Frieze has a long pile with a shaggy, less formal appearance; it is incredibly durable.

Consider the Colour – understand the impact of carpet colour. Light colours expand the appearance of a room, while darker tones give an effect of cosiness. A subtle blend of neutral tones is a good option to get the best of both worlds and minimise the appearance of stains.

You also need to understand that the carpet will appear lighter when installed and it will also fade over time, especially in rooms that are exposed to the sun. As a result of this, it’s recommended that you select a carpet a shade or two deeper than your ideal option.

How Does it Feel? Do you like to lounge on the floor? Do you have kids who play on the floor? Make sure your carpeting choice feels comfortable and is denser. Also, check ratings – carpet for stairs should be rated as such, as should carpet for heavy duty areas have the appropriate rating.

Current Carpet Specials at Impact Floors

Impact Floors currently has some fantastic carpet promotions on the following products:

Visit Impact Floors Today

Impact Floors is an Australian, local family-owned Sunshine Coast business. We offer an array of fabulous flooring solutions, from carpet to engineered flooring, to suit every application and need. Our high-quality flooring solutions are ideal for buyers who are budget-conscious to mid-range and we guarantee you’ll be delighted with our products. Take advantage of our current promotions to give new life to your floors!

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Solid Timber Versus Engineered Wood Flooring

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There is nothing more appealing than the appearance of a beautiful timber floor. It is clean, streamlined, modern yet classic, and it does not date. In the past, a timber floor was solid timber, however with modern innovation and engineering, there is a far more affordable and in many ways superior option: engineered wood flooring.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is becoming a very popular trend in home design throughout Australia and Europe. It is increasingly popular in commercial spaces and in homes Australia-wide due to its polished, striking aesthetic.

Engineered timber is the ideal alternative to solid timber flooring. It is comprised of 4mm or 6mm top wear layer on a multiple timber ply substrate in which the grains are designed to run perpendicular to each other, making it near impossible to swell or shrink, providing ultimate stability.
It is a more affordable alternative to solid timber flooring both in the short- and long-term.

Engineered Timber versus Solid Timber

Solid timber flooring is milled from solid lumber. It reacts to moisture, humidity, and extreme temperature changes, making it prone to expansion or shrinkage. It may be refinished and rejuvenated and is best located in living, dining, and hallway areas.

Engineered wood flooring combines a strong hardwood surface with either a Hevea core or a multiple timber ply substrate. The topmost layer is derived directly from the tree. This makes it near impossible to delineate from a solid timber floor in terms of its feel and appearance. It is durable and strong, and less inclined to gap, split, expand, or shrink than its solid hardwood cousin. It can be sanded up to two to three times and when installed, doesn’t add the height to the floor that solid timber can do.

All engineered floors are prefinished with either a UV-cured wear resistant Premium German Klumpp Polyurethane coating or a water based Robust UV Lacquer which gives excellent wear resistance.

Engineered timber flooring has another fabulous advantage as soon as it is installed you can walk on it! No need to wait up to 4 weeks after installation for the floor to be sanded and finished.

The Benefits to you of Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring looks just like authentic solid timber, right down to the natural grain effect. This is because engineered timber has a natural timber surface veneer. It provides the same feel underfoot as solid timber planks.

Engineered wood is an outstanding option when it comes to durability, strength, and scratch-resistance. It will look sophisticated and as new for many, many years, with a material warranty for our product at Impact Floors of twenty-five years and a limited lifetime structural warranty. It is also a far more environmentally-sustainable flooring option than carpet, ceramic tiles, or solid timber, and the engineered timber industry is carbon-positive.

Engineered flooring is easy to install. It requires no acclimatisation (which solid timber does) and it can be installed directly over subfloors. It is flexible, stable, and retains its characteristics long after installation. Impact Floors recommends professional installation for best results, and this is a service that we are proud to offer.

You do need to understand, however, that due to its authentic timber veneer, engineered flooring can be sensitive to areas of high moisture. It is not the best option for bathrooms or laundries, and all spills need to be wiped up promptly in order to mitigate risks of staining or warping over time when water can seep into the grain.

When it is time to revamp your home or office and replace your flooring, consider engineered wood as your chosen medium.

Explore Impact Floors Today

Impact Floors is a locally-owned Sunshine Coast business that offers a wide range of flooring solutions to suit your needs. With some of the most experienced business owners across this industry, we offer flooring solutions ideal for the budget-conscious to the mid-range buyer.

We pride ourselves on putting you, the customer, first and we are very proud to offer the best engineered wood flooring which ensures lifetime enjoyment your solution is available today.

Call us on (07) 5443 1295 or visit our showroom at 73-75 Wises Road, Maroochydore, Qld.


Hybrid Vinyl Promotion at Impact Floors

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Summer is over now, and though the weather is still warm, autumn is here!
Here at Impact Floors, we have a fantastic promotion right now on Hybrid Vinyl. These high quality, durable flooring planks are stunningly beautiful and are available from just $49 per square metre – making them the ideal affordable choice for your DIY flooring upgrade at home!

Hybrid vinyl offers a vast array of benefits, and they are not difficult to install yourself providing you have some know-how and are a skilled home handyman or woman. You also need to have the right tools at hand. While DIY installation of hybrid vinyl planks is very satisfying if you enjoy home improvement projects, Impact Floors does offer a professional installation service (for a fee) – which delivers a fantastic result that is guaranteed.

Benefits of Hybrid Vinyl

Why choose hybrid vinyl planks for your home? The benefits of hybrid vinyl from Impact Floors speak for themselves…

  • Cost-effective: The elegance and sophistication of real hardwood without the price tag and high-maintenance requirements.
  • Quiet: Hybrid vinyl flooring is quiet, unlike some other hard flooring solutions. Our planks are acoustically tested, and the results of this testing consistently demonstrate noise reduction.
  • Stain and Scratch Resistant: unlike hardwood flooring and other products.
  • Durable: Our hybrid vinyl is impervious to the extreme conditions that are inherent to the harsh Australian climate. Our rigid vinyl planks can even withstand direct heat and extreme cold, with the lowest expansion and contraction rates of any similar product.
  • Water Resistant: Our hybrid vinyl planks are impervious to moisture, and as such, can be installed in damp or wet areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries. Your planks won’t ever warp or peel and the flooring surface can be mopped without any issues resulting from it.
  • Eco-Friendly: Real hardwood timber floorboards require a lot of maintenance to retain their aesthetic. Thanks to the unique, rigid construction and composition of our hybrid vinyl, you don’t need to oil, sand or refinish the boards. They are a simple, cost-effective, and lasting flooring choice.
  • Easy to Install: Our rigid Hybrid Vinyl planks click together tightly with no gapping for a smooth and streamlined result. No adhesives are required for installation – all you need is a rubber mallet, and three gentle taps on the end join to lock them into place.

Products we are Offering in our Current Promotion

We are offering the following products in our current Hybrid Vinyl Promotion:

  • Aspire Hybrid Planks 10 fashionable colours
  • Hydromax WPC Planks 14 modern colours

Our planks measure 6.5mm – 7.5mm in thickness and are nice and long, at 1800mm in length. These are much higher in quality and cost-effectiveness than the planks you can buy elsewhere.
The Aspire Hybrid Flooring range is a new generation product known as Rigid Composite Board. It is suitable for installation over Hydronic In-slab Underfloor Heating (but not other underfloor heating products).

Tips for DIY Hybrid Vinyl Installation

Keep costs down – install your hybrid vinyl floor yourself! If you work within the trade or have a good handle on how to complete home improvement jobs, and the confidence to do so, self-installation can be very satisfying.

Jump online and ensure you follow the Manufactures installation instructions

Please note: If you are not a flooring professional you could void the installation part of the warranty.

Take Advantage of our Hybrid Vinyl Promotion

Come to Impact Floors today to discover our Hybrid Vinyl Promotion – but be quick! Visit our showroom on the beautiful Sunshine Coast today to explore our full range of flooring solutions for your home and save money as you find the perfect solution for your home! Call us today on (07) 5443 1295.

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How to find the right carpet for you!

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Most homes feature carpet in some part of the house. Even if it’s only installed in the bedroom areas, it lends a soft, cosy, warm finish to a room. It quietens a room, absorbing and reducing sound levels, and it insulates at the same time. This means carpeted rooms are warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

There are various things to consider when you choose a carpet for your home. You’ll need to determine everything from your budget to the durability of the carpet that you require based on its location. You’ll need to decide on a colour scheme to suit your home and lifestyle, as well as fibre type.

Carpet Fibre Types

Wool: a comfortable, sustainable, and traditional carpeting material, wool has been used for carpets and rugs for millennia. It delivers a soft underfoot texture and is resilient and easy to clean. It is a natural fibre and no chemicals are used in its manufacture. Wool carpet will not cause static electric shocks. Wool carpets are ideal for homes where a family member suffers allergies.

Solution-Dyed Nylon: this carpet is non-porous, resilient, durable. It won’t easily absorb odours or stains and is non-allergenic and anti-static. It won’t shed or pill.

Polypropylene: this synthetic option is stain-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. It is not as resistant to damage as is nylon, however, it is an affordable option and is ideal for rental property installations. It is resistant to mould, mildew, and moisture.

Tips for Choosing Carpet

  • Consider your lifestyle – do you have children or pets? If so, a hard-wearing carpet with a loop pile in a forgiving colour will work better for you than pure wool, plush pile in a flat, light colour (better suited to a couple).
  • Consider the pile of the carpet – a plush pile offers a luxury velvety finish, while a twist pile is similar but with a harder twist. Plush piles do show footprints. A loop pile affords a textured, more casual look.
  • Understand the impact of colour. Lighter carpet colours make a room appear larger while darker carpets lend a cosy effect.
  • Choose a shade or two deeper than your ideal as most carpets appear lighter once installed, and many will fade over time.
  • Check carpet ratings for grade and make sure for heavy traffic areas and stairs that you choose a heavy-duty rating.
  • Walk and even lie on the carpet before you make your choice! If you and your family enjoy sitting, lying, or lounging on the floor, choose a dense, heavyweight carpet.

Why Choose Impact Floors for your Carpet?

Here at Impact Floors, we offer a valuable point of difference from other carpet stores. We provide carpets in the Sunshine Coast area that are comfortable, soft, easy-to-clean, and budget-friendly. Our range includes wool, polypropylene, and solution-dyed nylon carpets so that you can choose the right carpet product for your needs and lifestyle. We also offer carpet tiles for home and office use.

Our carpets are supplied by Quest, Tuftmaster, Allied, Prestige and Norman Ellison Carpets. Come and explore our beautiful range!

Impact Floors is a high-quality locally-owned and operated Sunshine Coast flooring company that offers a wide range of superior flooring solutions at affordable prices. We have a fantastic array of quality carpet and other flooring solutions to suit your home, taste, lifestyle and budget. Visit our showroom on the beautiful Sunshine Coast today to explore our full range of flooring solutions for your home – you will be delighted!

Call us today on (07) 5443 1295.

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The many benefits of hybrid vinyl

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Selecting a new floor for your home brings with it exposure to a vast array of options, and it can be challenging initially to determine exactly which one is going to be right for you. You will need to ask yourself:

  • Which type of floor suits my lifestyle most?
  • Which will look most appealing in my home?
  • Which is easiest to maintain and keep clean?
  • How will my local climate affect different types of flooring?
  • Which flooring option is budget-friendly for me?

Hybrid vinyl planks are a newer product on the market which ticks many of the boxes that discerning customers seek when installing a new floor for their home, whether it’s for a specific area of the house or for the whole house. These fit nicely into the hard flooring category of flooring products but offer specific benefits to buyers which are not present in some other hard floor options.

The Benefits of Hybrid Vinyl Planks

  • Hybrid vinyl flooring is, quite simply, beautiful. It looks amazing and it feels great underfoot. There are a lot of timber-look styles and tones from which to choose, and the end result looks just like timber flooring.
  • Flooring vinyl plank products are 100% Waterproof. This is due to a unique combination of vinyl flooring and laminate technology, and it delivers the look of timber hardwood in areas where wood floors can’t be safely installed, including bathrooms and other potentially wet or damp areas. You need have no fear of getting the floor wet.
  • Hybrid vinyl is very, very durable. There is no difficult maintenance or upkeep to worry about; cleaning requires little effort, and there are no ongoing costs attached to keeping it in great condition (unlike with a hardwood timber floor). Even if your home experiences heavy traffic, with kids and pets, your floor will still look great and perform well. Slightly damp mop, stains and spills from kids and pets, and even odours won’t be an issue with a hybrid vinyl floor.
  • Hybrid flooring can be installed throughout your entire home, including bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms and even the laundry. This equates to a clean and fresh look throughout the entire home that provides consistency and flows from room to room. The aesthetic is seamless and ideal for everything from more traditional home layouts to modern open-plan living.
  • Cleaning hybrid vinyl planks is easy. Simply sweep or vacuum regularly to eliminate dust and dirt, and use a damp mop to finish it off. There are no special product or treatment requirements at all!

Why Choose Flooring Vinyl from Impact Floors?

With Impact Floors, you know you are getting fantastic flooring vinyl products at the very best prices.

Impact Floors on the Sunshine Coast offers a wide range of high-quality flooring solutions at affordable prices. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a beautiful, functional floor! We have a fantastic range of hybrid vinyl flooring options from which you can choose, and there is a style to suit every home’s aesthetic. Visit our Sunshine Coast showroom today to experience our full range of flooring solutions for your home – they will suit your lifestyle and be friendly to your budget! Call us today on (07) 5443 1295.


Hybrid Vinyl

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Choosing a new floor for your home is an exciting prospect which can also be somewhat daunting. It requires that you do some research to determine just what the right flooring choice will be for you and your home – depending on your lifestyle, your family, your home’s location and aesthetics, the room itself, your available space, and your budget. Options range from carpet, which adds warmth and cosiness; to laminate for an easy-clean option with the authentic appearance of wood; to timber for a modern, long-lasting result; or bamboo for strength and flexibility. Ceramic tiles are hypoallergenic, cool, and last a long time. Alternatively, you may prefer vinyl for its resilience and durability. Hybrid vinyl offers the best advantages of both laminate and vinyl, with the appealing look of timber.

What is Hybrid Vinyl Flooring?

Hybrid vinyl is an innovative flooring solution that combines the best features of laminate and vinyl. Unlike most other flooring products, it is suitable for installation throughout the entire home. It provides the appearance of authentic timber flooring without the price tag or the drawbacks of timber.

Hybrid vinyl is incredibly durable. It is crafted from a high-density core of materials that include limestone, virgin vinyl, bamboo flour and recycled wood. It is a rigid floating floor that is hard-wearing yet still provides the comfort and warmth of natural wood.

Hybrid flooring a multilayered product that features:

  • PUR surface adhesive treatment for stain and scuff resistance.
  • PVC Wear layer to provide a high level of impact-resistance.
  • Decorative layer that mimics the appearance of hardwood timber.
  • Core layer featuring limestone composite core board and vinyl – this is heat–resistant, water-resistant, and temperature-stable even in extremes.
  • Acoustic underlay for noise reduction and comfort underfoot.

Why Choose Hybrid Vinyl?

Hybrid vinyl is a flooring product that really delivers on its promise. It has both the appearance and performance of timber or laminate flooring without the drawbacks that come with both.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of hybrid vinyl is that it is naturally waterproof, meaning it is ideal for installation throughout the entire home, including within the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. Timber and laminate flooring are unsuitable for use in these spaces.

Other benefits of hybrid vinyl include:

  • Consistent, seamless, fresh look
  • Durability
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Superior quality
  • Relative affordability

Modern hybrid vinyl flooring comes in a wide array of colours, textures, and styles. It can be installed on almost any subfloor surface.

Update at Impact Floors

Update and brighten any room in your house, or install throughout your entire home, with top quality hybrid vinyl plank flooring from Impact Floors. We have a stunning array of options, from light barn-style wood looks to rich brown tones. This flooring solution provides elegance and sophistication without the exorbitant price tag that usually comes with timber floors.

Impact Floors on the Sunshine Coast offers a wide range of flooring solutions to suit every need. Among our product range, we offer engineered timber flooring as well as hybrid vinyl and other appealing options.

Come and visit our showroom to see our range of flooring choices for your home to suit your lifestyle and your budget! Call us today on (07) 5443 1295.


Step into Spring

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Spring is traditionally the time for “spring cleaning” – opening up the home to let fresh air flow through. Saying goodbye to winter energy even decluttering for a new season and to bring new life into your home. It’s also a great time to undertake an update or renovation! Changing the floor can completely revamp the look and feel of your home, and with such great options trending now like timber, oaks, vinyl or new textured carpet to choose from, you can make your home fresh and like new at an affordable price!

Flooring Update Options for spring

Most people look first to timber flooring when seeking a fresh new aesthetic for their home. Timber is a classy option that stands the test of time and with our beautiful options, there is a style of timber flooring to perfectly suit your home and your colour palette. Our timber flooring includes an array of oaks in colours from Limewash to Ebony, as well as Australian timber species including Jarrah, Blackbutt, and Spotted Gum.

Another popular option for flooring is vinyl. Vinyl is a great affordable option that looks great. Vinyl flooring planks are durable, stylish and easy to maintain, and offer the sophistication of a timber floor with a more budget-friendly price tag and with easy installation. They have a long lifespan and the planks are ready to lay.

When choosing vinyl, you’ll need to consider whether you prefer hybrid or vinyl; hybrid vinyl planks, are long and wide, have a multi-layered construction which provides elegance as well as a waterproof core thanks to a layer of vinyl/limestone composite. Hybrid vinyl is the perfect option for the most impressive timber aesthetic with vinyl’s affordability and low-maintenance requirements. It is ideal for flooring an entire home, including in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry.

Sometimes you just want a carpeted floor – especially in bedrooms and living spaces. Refresh the bedrooms and cosier areas in your home and lighten up the mood for the new season with our beautiful range of quality carpets at great prices. We have a stunning range of carpet products, in various fibres and materials and we can also custom-make rugs for you in any of our carpets on display. There are some gorgeous light greys and creams instore which are ideal for a fresh and bright room aesthetic. We offer advice so you know exactly which product is right for you, from wool carpet to solution dyed nylon and polypropylene carpets. We also have sisal range for custom made rugs to really add texture and natural tones.

Step into spring with Impact Floors

Impact Floors on the Sunshine Coast is proud to have one of the most experienced flooring teams in the industry. You’re guaranteed to be delighted by our range as well as our staff’s expertise relating to timber flooring, vinyl flooring, and carpet. Our focus is on unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Come and visit our showroom to explore your options and discover the right flooring choice for your home and lifestyle. Call us today on (07) 5443 1295.


Wood Floor Finishes: Matte Versus High Gloss

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Timber floors provide a classy, stylish, sophisticated and elegant look to your home, and they suit both modern and classic interiors beautifully. In fact, no other flooring type quite compares to quality timber when it comes to durability and added-value for your home. There is a vast range of timber types, colours, and looks to choose from, and one decision you’ll need to make relates to the types of finishes available.

The finish on your timber floor helps to protect it from spills, scratches, foot-traffic, wear and tear, and other damage. The finish will eventually wear down over time and require refinishing. Finish materials may be penetrating oil, shellac, wax, polyurethane, and moisture-cured urethane. But ultimately, the choice you make relating to types of finishes is based on how the floor will look and feel.

Types of Wood Flooring Finishes

Timber floors, whether they are hardwood or engineered wood, may be finished in a variety of ways. The main options are matte finish and gloss finish, with the satin finish and semi-gloss finish falling between these.

These finishes all impact on how shiny or lustrous the floor appears, and how much light is reflected from the floor at an angle of sixty degrees. This is the angle at which people view the floor while standing on it. The glossier the floor, the more light is reflected. Different people have different preferences when it comes to lustre, hence the finish they select.

Matte Finish versus High Gloss Finish

A Matte finish is currently a very popular option. It has a lustre of 25%, which is considered a flat finish. Offering a modern, stunning yet casual look, it protects floors from the movement of furniture, toys, walking and provides the feel of natural raw wood underfoot. It is best at hiding imperfections in the wood and is ideal for homes with children, pets, and high traffic. Its low-gloss finish hides normal wear and tear very well.

A Satin finish is not glossy but offers 40% lustre. Contemporary yet classic in appearance, it is a great all-round option favoured by many and it will not date. It is easy to keep clean and hides all but major imperfections.

A semi-gloss finish is a good option for anyone who wants a glossy finish without the high level of maintenance. It offers 55% lustre.

A High Gloss finish provides a very shiny, reflective finish for your timber floors with a lustre of 70%. It highlights the unique details in the floorboards and provides a very attractive feature to a home, especially if exotic hardwood flooring is chosen. It is classically beautiful and very sophisticated. The glossier a floor finish, the more light is reflected. There is a drawback, however, as dust, dirt and other debris show up much more, as does any imperfection in the floor. It is more prone to wear in heavy traffic areas, and it is very high maintenance, requiring cleaning more frequently than other finish types. Even footprints from walking barefoot (which is best for the floor) will show up very obviously on a high gloss floor. It’s probably not ideal for a home with children or pets unless you’re committed to very frequent cleaning and maintenance.

At the end of the day, the types of finishes available and the selection you make will not affect the durability of your floor or its finish – it is purely an aesthetic choice.

Impact Floors – Your Superior Choice

If you are looking for an engineered wood floor, with a high gloss finish or a  matte finish Impact Floors on the Sunshine Coast is your superior one-stop-shop for premium-quality and outstanding choice. We have the experience and expertise to offer a vast array of flooring options and we can help you choose the best to suit your home and your taste. Come and visit our showroom to learn more, or get in touch today.


Cleaning & caring for your floors: Maintenance

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Your beautiful new floor has completely transformed the appearance of your home. The trick now is to keep it looking as good as it did the day it was installed! Let’s face it; your floors are an investment, and caring for your floors is as important as caring for any other investment. It pays in the long term.

Proper floor maintenance will be dictated by the type of flooring you have. Carpet, timber, laminate, hybrid vinyl and vinyl – all require a different approach to cleaning, care, and maintenance.

Floor Maintenance – Keeping it Up to Scratch

Floor maintenance involves both regular maintenance practices and preventative care. The basics of this include:

  • All external entrances should have dirt-trapping, colour-fast mats placed to absorb excess moisture from shoes and keep the majority of outside dirt and grit off the internal floors. These mats need to be cleaned regularly.
  • Use protective floor coverings when moving heavy furniture. Avoid dragging and sliding appliances or furniture across your floor.
  • Sweep your floor or vacuum (bristles down for a non-carpeted floor) regularly to eliminate grit and other objects that may scratch the floor.
  • Wipe up spills promptly. Know how to remove the more common spill types (red wine, white wine, coffee, blood, pet and child stains, etc) effectively from carpet.
  • Use the proper products for cleaning floors as recommended by the manufacturer or supplier.
  • Have damage to floors professionally repaired promptly.

How to Clean Your Floors

Never use abrasive cleaners, scourers, scouring powders, or steam mops on your floor

Carpet: vacuum carpets at least twice weekly to remove grit and surface litter. You need to focus particularly around doorways and skirting boards as these are where insects first move in. Have a professional steam clean EVERY TWO YEARS not annually as this destroys the carpet fibres.

Timber: sweep or vacuum (bristles down) frequently, and soak up spills quickly as they occur. Mop with a slightly damp mop.

Laminate and Vinyl: laminate floors have a sealed surface which minimises allergies. They can be cleaned with a microfibre mop. Clean laminate slightly damp or dry, but not wet. Use a specialised cleaning product.

Caring for Your Floors

Caring for floors also depends on the type of floor you have.

Knowing the right steps for cleaning floors is crucial to getting the best from them. If you’re thinking of updating your floors or need advice on caring for your floors, please don’t hesitate to visit us in our showroom at 73-79 Wises Rd, Maroochydore. We have loads of great options to suit your home and your lifestyle, and we know exactly how your floors can best be maintained and cared for. You can also contact us online or call us for more information on (07) 5443 1295.