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At Impact Floors, we think we’re a bit different to the other carpet stores. We provide soft, comfortable and easy to clean carpet at the best prices in Maroochydore and the Sunshine Coast. The Impact Floors range of wool, solution dyed nylon and polypropylene carpets offers customers real choice in not just how they style their home, but the level of care required. When properly maintained, our carpets and carpet tiles are easy to care for, offering users years of luxurious feeling and bright colours.

Not ready to carpet the whole house but want a bit of warmth in your living spaces? Our Maroochydore showroom offers custom made rugs made from any carpet displayed. Plus, with our emphasis on affordable carpet prices, you are sure to find something to suit your budget.

We know that choosing between the different fibres and materials on offer can be daunting, especially if you’ve never had to make the decision before. Following are some benefits to help you understand each type of material on offer for your new carpet flooring:

Durable & Sustainable

Quiet Under Foot


Energy Efficient

Warm & Retains Heat

Why choose Wool Carpet?

The traditional, comfortable, sustainable material. Used for carpets for thousands of years, wool offers a soft texture underfoot with a resilient, easy-to-clean structure. Being a natural fibre, no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, and its abundant nature means it’s a responsible choice for environmentally-conscious customers. Additionally, you’ll never get a nasty static shock from wool.

Their ability to naturally repel liquids and dirt makes cleaning them a breeze, as the dense structure means dirt simply sits on top of the fibres, ready to be vacuumed up, making them ideal for people with allergies.

Why choose Solution Dyed Nylon Carpets?

Offering fabulous colour consistency and superior resistance to fading against light, Solution Dyed Nylon provides long-term resilience and durability in an attractive, stain-resistant package. Because of its non-porous nature, the fibre is also highly resistant to absorbing stains and odours.

Benefits of Solution Dyed Nylon

Superior stain resistance, non-allergenic, won’t pill or shed, Colour fast and fade resistant, Built-in anti-static protection and easy maintenance.

Why choose Polypropylene Carpet?

Fully synthetic, hard wearing and stain resistant, polypropylene can be cleaned extremely easily, meaning it has longevity. While not as resistant to damage as nylon, these options are strong and resistant to mildew and moisture, and is a great carpet for those people who are looking for more affordable prices. Great for rental properties.

Carpet tiles for home and the office

While normally used for commercial or industrial environments, carpet tiles can be an attractive choice for your home. These hard-wearing, simple to maintain models can be made up in a variety of colours and styles at our Maroochydore showroom.

Information about shading

Shading or water marking is a naturally occurring phenomenon in cut pile carpets. It is not a manufacturing fault. With normal traffic, even in domestic installations, the carpet pile will lay flat in areas and can not be reversed.

Styles of Carpet


A beautiful and luxurious velour cut pile carpet.


Similar to a plush carpet but with a harder twist in the yarn.


The yarn loops over allowing different textures and styles.

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Look what our customers are saying about us!

Hello Abbey and Greg. Would like to say thank you for your service, and patients dealing with me. The floor looks absolutely fantastic, and is loved from everyone who sees it.

Stefan ~ August 2018

We LOVE our carpet! Thanks for your time and help with everything. Also, the carpet layer was great and very professional.

Toni ~ August 2018

Many thanks to Abbey, Greg and your staff for the excellent advice and hassle free laying of my new flooring. It looks far better than I imagined, feels comfortable underfoot and has been finished off very professionally – very glad I engaged Impact Flooring to achieve this result. Thanks also for the recommendation to use Andrew. He visited this morning so we were able to discuss and decide skirting options.

Robert ~ April 2018

Abbey and Greg were wonderful to work with in our journey of finding the right carpet and having it installed. Thanks guys! We are extremely happy with the final product and the quality of the workmanship put into the installation. I would certainly recommend impact floors to others looking for great service and quality installation of their new floor.

Yvonne ~ July 2016

Very helpful. Very professional and a pleasure to do business with. Very knowledgeable regarding their products and their trade and happy to take the time to make sure you get the right product. Extremely happy with the job they have done for us.

Karen C. ~ June 2016

Greg and Abbey from Impact Floors have assisted us in finding new floor coverings on two occasions. In both instances we were extremely happy with the level of customer service and professional advice they offered. We found Greg's extensive experience and product knowledge invaluable when selecting carpet for our own home.

Debbie ~ February 2016

Outstanding service from beginning to end! Greg knows his stuff, brilliant customer service. He gave us all the options so we could make the best decision that suited our budget and home requirement. The guys who laid our vinyl flooring did an excellent job, and had a professional and pleasant manner. First class service!

Karen F. ~ August 2016

Can not speak more highly of Greg and Abbey from Impact Floors. Beautiful showroom, lovely products and fantastic customer service. Look forward to working with you again soon.

Elisse ~ April 2016

So very happy - everything was too easy. Lovely people to deal very helpfully and professional. The carpet layers where just fantastic. Thoroughly recommend these guys.

Cheryl ~ June 2016

We used Impact Floors for the first time last month. We found the exact look we wanted within our budget thanks to Greg & Abby. They were so easy to deal with and nothing was too much trouble. Great Customer service we would recommend them to anyone.

Jade ~ July 2016

Abbey,and Greg. I chose to use Impact Floors for my job, as " the name IMPACT" made an impact on me as I drove by, and thought I'd get
something Special, and this truly was the case! The service,attention to detail, and what I really wanted, all came true. People today have forgotten the meaning of SERVICE, and being an older person, this was what I was looking for. Thank you so much. The "after service" was truly Amazing. I would recommend Impact Floors in Maroochydore to any prospective person, looking for flooring. Thank you. Diana.

Diana ~ May 2016