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How to Choose the Right Colour Flooring for your Home

By Flooring Trends

Choosing the right flooring finish sets the tone for your entire home, and this includes the colour of your floors. Often forgotten in favour of wall colour, floors bring your home together and are a crucial design element.

Not only does the type of flooring you choose to install impact the look and feel of your home, so too does its colour. Whether you seek a cosy, warm look; an open and flowing feel; or to delineate areas, the colour of your floors goes a long way to achieving the overall result you seek.

Tips on Choosing the Right Flooring

  • Room Size. Do you want to make it appear larger? Lighter floor finishes (light oak hybrid vinyl, blonde engineered wood, or cream-coloured carpet, for example) will make your room feel more spacious. Conversely, to make a large room feel cosier, dark engineered wood or carpet will help achieve this.
  • Understand How Colour Impacts Aesthetics. To create a streamlined sense of flow throughout your home, colour match with your existing floors (unless you’re re-flooring your entire space). Alternatively, mixed flooring types and colours (as long as the colours are complementary) will help create zones, especially if your home is open-plan.
    The desired mood of your room will also influence how you choose your flooring colour. A coastal-themed home will look great with light ash tones on the floor. A classic Federation-style home will work best with warm, deep timber-look floors. Black floorboards can provide a dramatic, contemporary feel.
  • Consider your Furnishings. What is the context of your room? What is the style of your furniture? Do you have art or another type of décor to consider? What do your soft furnishings look like? Will you have rugs over your finished floor? All of these need to work together to create a clean, complementary look rather than a competing one. The last thing you want is for the overall result to clash.
  • Work with Your Available Light. Consider both natural and artificial light, as light throughout the day (and even the seasons ) changes dramatically and enormously impacts how your floor looks. Without an abundance of natural light, lighter-coloured floors will make your home seem brighter, while a very sunny or bright home can look fantastic with a darker floor – it simply depends on the overall look you seek.
  • Do you Have Kids or Pets? If you are choosing carpet, consider the impact children or pets (or heavy traffic) can have on these. A darker floor colour may be more practical as it will be more forgiving on the dirt, grime, and stains which are inevitable when you have kids or inside pets.

You should always bring flooring samples home to see it in place to determine if it’s right before making your final choice. Impact Floors is your ideal service provider as we walk you through the process of selecting the right flooring for your home.

Impact Floors – Your Ideal Flooring Solutions

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Flooring Trends for 2020

Flooring Trends for 2020 – What’s in Style?

By Flooring Trends

Are you keeping up with the latest flooring trends and ready to update your floors for your home or investment property? When it comes to installing a new floor, you want your choice to tick some really important boxes. Your floor needs to be:

  • Visually appealing and stylish
  • Functional
  • Durable
  • Comfortable underfoot
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Timeless so it does not date

If you wish to update your home (or investment property), your floor is a great place to start and is one single aspect of your house that can completely transform your space. Following flooring trends, and with the right flooring solution, you can create a seamless flow throughout your home, delineate specific areas, or completely modify the tone of a room.

Ultimately, you also wish to select flooring that is modern yet timeless.

Flooring Trends for 2020

In 2020, it’s all about replicating natural materials (such as wood and stone) for hard floors and providing carpets that are more technologically advanced and user-friendly.

Industry experts predict the following will be the top flooring trends this year and into the foreseeable future:

  • Natural Effects: there are now vinyl and hybrid vinyl floors that remarkably mimic materials that are both natural and man-made, including natural wood and stone. Wood-look flooring has been the top hard floor trend since 2018 and it will remain very much on-trend.


  • Waterproof Flooring: modern homeowners seek durability and easy maintenance alongside style, especially if they have kids or pets. Waterproofing for your floor is no longer limited to tile – Vinyl hybrid and vinyl, while engineered wood offers a level of water resistance.


  • Texture: smooth floors are classic, yet 2020 trends will see us embrace texture. Whether texture is applied to carpets or engineered wood floors, we will be seeing a lot more floors which resemble reclaimed, distressed, wire-brushed or hand-scraped hardwood for a one-of-a-kind result. For vinyl, tile, and laminate, creative patterns will be very on-trend, including effects that concrete, hexagonal, herringbone, chevron, and mixed-width patterns.


  • Sustainability: more of us are environmentally-conscious and we want to know that our homes are made with sustainable materials. Flooring that is crafted from natural, recyclable, renewable, reclaimed, and homegrown materials is more popular than ever before.


  • Blonde: blonde wood flooring and honey tones are having a renaissance of sorts, while the clean lines of white and grey remain popular. Alternatively, high-variation dark-wood effects are popular for those seeking a more traditional, classic effect.


  • Style: if you want to create an aesthetic that nods to farmhouse, coastal, or industrial style, 2020 is your year. Floors that mimic wide or mixed-width hardwood planks are very popular. These options are more eco-friendly than natural wood, and engineered wood floors are almost impossible to discern from natural hardwood floors.


  • Carpet: the focus will be on colour, pattern, and texture. Innovations in carpet fibres will offer beautiful, warm floors that are durable and easy to maintain.


Flooring Trends at Impact Floors

Newer materials in the flooring arena maximise on stylish durability.  

Here at Impact Floors, these include waterproof vinyl, carpet, and stunningly-beautiful engineered wood flooring. We have a very wide range of the latest products in an array of colours so that you are spoilt for choice. Our low-cost flooring solutions are anything but “cheap”- with us, you get a floor that looks a million dollars and is unique for your home.  


Choose Flooring at Impact Floors

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