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Solid Timber Versus Engineered Wood Flooring

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There is nothing more appealing than the appearance of a beautiful timber floor. It is clean, streamlined, modern yet classic, and it does not date. In the past, a timber floor was solid timber, however with modern innovation and engineering, there is a far more affordable and in many ways superior option: engineered wood flooring.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is becoming a very popular trend in home design throughout Australia and Europe. It is increasingly popular in commercial spaces and in homes Australia-wide due to its polished, striking aesthetic.

Engineered timber is the ideal alternative to solid timber flooring. It is comprised of 4mm or 6mm top wear layer on a multiple timber ply substrate in which the grains are designed to run perpendicular to each other, making it near impossible to swell or shrink, providing ultimate stability.
It is a more affordable alternative to solid timber flooring both in the short- and long-term.

Engineered Timber versus Solid Timber

Solid timber flooring is milled from solid lumber. It reacts to moisture, humidity, and extreme temperature changes, making it prone to expansion or shrinkage. It may be refinished and rejuvenated and is best located in living, dining, and hallway areas.

Engineered wood flooring combines a strong hardwood surface with either a Hevea core or a multiple timber ply substrate. The topmost layer is derived directly from the tree. This makes it near impossible to delineate from a solid timber floor in terms of its feel and appearance. It is durable and strong, and less inclined to gap, split, expand, or shrink than its solid hardwood cousin. It can be sanded up to two to three times and when installed, doesn’t add the height to the floor that solid timber can do.

All engineered floors are prefinished with either a UV-cured wear resistant Premium German Klumpp Polyurethane coating or a water based Robust UV Lacquer which gives excellent wear resistance.

Engineered timber flooring has another fabulous advantage as soon as it is installed you can walk on it! No need to wait up to 4 weeks after installation for the floor to be sanded and finished.

The Benefits to you of Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring looks just like authentic solid timber, right down to the natural grain effect. This is because engineered timber has a natural timber surface veneer. It provides the same feel underfoot as solid timber planks.

Engineered wood is an outstanding option when it comes to durability, strength, and scratch-resistance. It will look sophisticated and as new for many, many years, with a material warranty for our product at Impact Floors of twenty-five years and a limited lifetime structural warranty. It is also a far more environmentally-sustainable flooring option than carpet, ceramic tiles, or solid timber, and the engineered timber industry is carbon-positive.

Engineered flooring is easy to install. It requires no acclimatisation (which solid timber does) and it can be installed directly over subfloors. It is flexible, stable, and retains its characteristics long after installation. Impact Floors recommends professional installation for best results, and this is a service that we are proud to offer.

You do need to understand, however, that due to its authentic timber veneer, engineered flooring can be sensitive to areas of high moisture. It is not the best option for bathrooms or laundries, and all spills need to be wiped up promptly in order to mitigate risks of staining or warping over time when water can seep into the grain.

When it is time to revamp your home or office and replace your flooring, consider engineered wood as your chosen medium.

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Wood Floor Finishes: Matte Versus High Gloss

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Timber floors provide a classy, stylish, sophisticated and elegant look to your home, and they suit both modern and classic interiors beautifully. In fact, no other flooring type quite compares to quality timber when it comes to durability and added-value for your home. There is a vast range of timber types, colours, and looks to choose from, and one decision you’ll need to make relates to the types of finishes available.

The finish on your timber floor helps to protect it from spills, scratches, foot-traffic, wear and tear, and other damage. The finish will eventually wear down over time and require refinishing. Finish materials may be penetrating oil, shellac, wax, polyurethane, and moisture-cured urethane. But ultimately, the choice you make relating to types of finishes is based on how the floor will look and feel.

Types of Wood Flooring Finishes

Timber floors, whether they are hardwood or engineered wood, may be finished in a variety of ways. The main options are matte finish and gloss finish, with the satin finish and semi-gloss finish falling between these.

These finishes all impact on how shiny or lustrous the floor appears, and how much light is reflected from the floor at an angle of sixty degrees. This is the angle at which people view the floor while standing on it. The glossier the floor, the more light is reflected. Different people have different preferences when it comes to lustre, hence the finish they select.

Matte Finish versus High Gloss Finish

A Matte finish is currently a very popular option. It has a lustre of 25%, which is considered a flat finish. Offering a modern, stunning yet casual look, it protects floors from the movement of furniture, toys, walking and provides the feel of natural raw wood underfoot. It is best at hiding imperfections in the wood and is ideal for homes with children, pets, and high traffic. Its low-gloss finish hides normal wear and tear very well.

A Satin finish is not glossy but offers 40% lustre. Contemporary yet classic in appearance, it is a great all-round option favoured by many and it will not date. It is easy to keep clean and hides all but major imperfections.

A semi-gloss finish is a good option for anyone who wants a glossy finish without the high level of maintenance. It offers 55% lustre.

A High Gloss finish provides a very shiny, reflective finish for your timber floors with a lustre of 70%. It highlights the unique details in the floorboards and provides a very attractive feature to a home, especially if exotic hardwood flooring is chosen. It is classically beautiful and very sophisticated. The glossier a floor finish, the more light is reflected. There is a drawback, however, as dust, dirt and other debris show up much more, as does any imperfection in the floor. It is more prone to wear in heavy traffic areas, and it is very high maintenance, requiring cleaning more frequently than other finish types. Even footprints from walking barefoot (which is best for the floor) will show up very obviously on a high gloss floor. It’s probably not ideal for a home with children or pets unless you’re committed to very frequent cleaning and maintenance.

At the end of the day, the types of finishes available and the selection you make will not affect the durability of your floor or its finish – it is purely an aesthetic choice.

Impact Floors – Your Superior Choice

If you are looking for an engineered wood floor, with a high gloss finish or a  matte finish Impact Floors on the Sunshine Coast is your superior one-stop-shop for premium-quality and outstanding choice. We have the experience and expertise to offer a vast array of flooring options and we can help you choose the best to suit your home and your taste. Come and visit our showroom to learn more, or get in touch today.