Hybrid Vinyl Flooring - your best choice.

Impact Resistant
Low Maintenance
Eco Friendly

Elevate any room with high quality, durable and beautiful hybrid vinyl planks. With gorgeous mahogany wood tones and lighter barn wood looks, hybrid planks are the ideal application for any classic or modern styled properties.

With a makeup of tri-layered material, hybrid flooring is the long-lasting choice for your residential or commercial property. With Impact Flooring, you can have this versatile flooring installed throughout your property with ease. From its stylish appearance to its low maintenance needs, hybrid flooring is the flooring solution you have been waiting for.

One of the most pronounced qualities of hybrid vinyl planks is its multilayered nature, consisting of:

  • A wear, decorative layer adding to the high impact resistance of the flooring
  • Core layer, generally made of a limestone composite core board, which is 80% limestone and 20% vinyl This layer makes the planks waterproof and non- porous, as well as resistant to extreme changes in temperature.
  • An acoustic backing, providing comfortability underfoot and reduced acoustic feedback.

For the elegant wood look without spending an exuberant amount on real timber, hybrid vinyl flooring planks are the perfect solution. Your Maroochydore home will ooze sophistication with this durable and trendy flooring alternative. Not only can it be used in living rooms or dining areas, but due to its waterproof capabilities it can be used as kitchen and bathroom flooring, meaning your home can have seamless flooring running throughout. To find out more about the versatilities of hybrid vinyl plank flooring, get in touch with Impact Flooring today.

Cost Effective



Stain Resistant

Scratch Resistant