What Is Hybrid Vinyl Flooring?

What Is Hybrid Vinyl Flooring?

Choosing a new floor for your home is an exciting prospect which can also be somewhat daunting. It requires that you do some research to determine just what the right flooring choice will be for you and your home – depending on your lifestyle, your family, your home’s location and aesthetics, the room itself, your available space, and your budget.

Options range from carpet, which adds warmth and cosiness; to laminate for an easy-clean option with the authentic appearance of wood; to timber for a modern, long-lasting result; or bamboo for strength and flexibility. Ceramic tiles are hypoallergenic, cool, and last a long time. Alternatively, you may prefer vinyl for its resilience and durability. Hybrid vinyl offers the best advantages of both laminate and vinyl , with the appealing look of timber.

What is Hybrid Vinyl Flooring?

Hybrid vinyl is an innovative flooring solution that combines the best features of laminate and vinyl. Unlike most other flooring products, it is suitable for installation throughout the entire home. It provides the appearance of authentic timber flooring without the price tag or the drawbacks of timber.

Hybrid vinyl is incredibly durable. It is crafted from a high-density core of materials that include limestone, virgin vinyl, bamboo flour and recycled wood. It is a rigid floating floor that is hard-wearing yet still provides the comfort and warmth of natural wood.

Hybrid flooring a multilayered product that features:

  • PUR surface adhesive treatment for stain and scuff resistance.
  • PVC Wear layer to provide a high level of impact-resistance.
  • Decorative layer that mimics the appearance of hardwood timber.
  • Core layer featuring limestone composite core board and vinyl – this is heat–resistant, water-resistant, and temperature-stable even in extremes.
  • Acoustic underlay for noise reduction and comfort underfoot.
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Why Choose Hybrid Vinyl?

Hybrid vinyl is a flooring product that really delivers on its promise. It has both the appearance and performance of timber or laminate flooring without the drawbacks that come with both.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of hybrid vinyl is that it is naturally waterproof, meaning it is ideal for installation throughout the entire home, including within the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. Timber and laminate flooring are unsuitable for use in these spaces.

Other benefits of hybrid vinyl include:

  • Consistent, seamless, fresh look
  • Durability
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Superior quality
  • Relative affordability

Modern hybrid vinyl flooring comes in a wide array of colours, textures, and styles. It can be installed on almost any subfloor surface.

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