Atlernatives to Polyester Carpets

You have decided to get a carpet and ruled out polyester? So what are the alternatives available in the market? Keep reading to find out a few great alternatives to polyester carpet.

Types of Carpets

Carpets can transform the look of your home and make for a great addition to any home. Carpets are so plush that you could easily have a restful night’s sleep.

Carpets are available in natural and synthetic fibres. Wool carpets and synthetic carpets are the two popular options when it comes to home flooring. Natural carpet includes wool whereas synthetic carpets includes solution dyed nylon, polypropylene and polyester.

How to choose the right carpet?

The best carpet for your home depends on where it will be installed, your budget and lifestyle. Some important things to consider include foot traffic, usage, household requirements and budget. Choosing the fabric wisely to avoid making an expensive mistake...

3 Alternatives to Polyester Carpets

Wool Carpets

Wool Carpets don’t need much introduction - warm, luxurious and comfortable underfoot, they make for a perfect flooring option. Naturally stain resistant, wool can resist water spills which are fairly common in households. Another advantage is wool is hypoallergenic, i.e, it absorbs the dust particles and keeps the indoor air fresh.

Wool is also naturally sound insulating and absorbs noise. The fibres retain their shape even after heavy footfall and can be installed in high-traffic areas. If the carpets are maintained properly, they can last for decades.

Vacuuming the carpet is enough to keep the carpet. They do cost more than synthetic carpets. However, the durability and the aesthetic beauty of the carpets, make up for the cost. Lastly, wool is made from natural materials and it is sustainable and bio-degradable. Wool has far more benefits and your dime will be well spent on a wool carpet.

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Solution Dyed Nylon Carpets

Solution Dyed Nylon Carpets are great for high-traffic areas. Long-lasting, resilient and stain resistant, nylon carpets are perfect for families with kids. If you are looking for something durable, comfortable flooring material without a high price tag, SDN is a good choice. The carpets are available in a range of colours and styles and made from recycled bottle caps, which makes it eco-friendly. However, they can wear fast if installed in heavy traffic areas. It is advisable to install SDN in low-traffic areas.


Looking for a budget-friendly flooring option? Polyproplene is a great option for families with kids and pets. It is colourfast, stain-resistant and budget-friendly. Also known as olefin, it comes in a range of styles and colours.

The fibres are water-resistant and do not promote mould growth. Stains and spills are easily cleanable and work like a charm in children's rooms. However, polyprop is not resistant to oil-based stains. So any oil stains would have to be cleaned by professionals. The fibres get crushed easily with heavy footfall and it is advisable to use them in low-traffic area.

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