How is Carpet Area Calculated?

Calculate Carpet Area in quick and easy steps

When it comes to carpet flooring, nothing is more frustrating than being overcharged for material and installation. In many cases, this happens because people don't know how to measure their home for flooring themselves. Luckily, measuring your home for carpet is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. In this blog post, we will show you how to do it quickly and efficiently so you know what you are paying for… let's get started. If you have any doubts or need carpet flooring, feel free to call us on 1300 253 321.!

Step 1 - Draw the floor plan

It's time to channel your inner Picasso and get sketching. Draw the floor plan of the space. You could use pen and paper or software to draw the diagram. The drawing doesn’t need to be perfect. It should be simple and must include all the rooms, levels, stairways and landings.

Note: A floor plan is a scale drawing of property in 2D and includes accurate measurements.

Sample Floor Plan with Dimensions

Credits - Floor Plan Dimensions Room Sketcher

Step 2 - Determine the room's dimensions

The next step is to determine the room's dimensions. This can be done with a tape measure. You could also use iPhone’s measure app.

Length - measure the longest points

Width - measure the widest points

Measure the doorways and closets as well. Round up the measurements to make sure you have enough materials. FOr example, 4.69 square metres can be rounded up to 4.70 square metres.

Calculate the complete area of the room in square meters. To do this, simply multiply the length of the room by the width of the room. If you have any odd-shaped rooms, you may want to break them down into smaller sections and measure those individually. Note the length first and then the width for uniformity.

For example, the length could be 2.8 metres and the width could be 4.4 metres

Easy way - once you have calculated the dimensions of each room, use this online calculator to check how much carpet is required - Bremworth Floor Calculator

Alternatively, you could use the steps below to complete the measurements

Carpet Flooring Sunshine Coast | Impact Floors

Step 3 - Calculate the complete floor area

Calculate the complete area of your home. Note down the length and width of all rooms and then add them together.

For example,

Kitchen - 3.2 m x 5.5m - 17.6m

Bathroom - 3.4m x 3.1m - 10.54m

Bedroom - 5.5m x 3.1m - 17.05m

Add them all together to get the total area which would be 45.19 square metres here.

Step 4 - Make room for allowances

Add 10% to the total to make allowances for pattern matches and wastage.

So that would be 10% of the total - 45.19  i.e. 4.52

Add them - 45.19 + 4.52 = 49.71

Step 5 - Total Carpet Area

Total carpet required - 49.71 square metres

Total carpet required - 13.58 linear metres

This number is important because it determines how much carpet material you will need. Now that you know how to measure your home for carpet, it's time to start shopping!

Carpet Flooring | Measure Carpet Area | Impact Floors

When you are ready to buy a carpet, be sure to take the measurements with you so you can get an accurate estimate. Some salespeople may try to sell you more carpet than you need, but by knowing how to measure your home yourself, you can avoid this costly mistake. In addition, be sure to ask about installation costs. Oftentimes, the cheapest option is to have the carpet installed by the store itself.

If you are looking for a carpet anywhere on the Sunshine Coast, contact us on 07 5443 1295 or complete our online enquiry form. At Impact Floors, we provide a wide range of carpets for all applications and decórs. Visit our Sunshine Coast flooring showroom located in Maroochydore to view our carpet selection and get expert flooring advice today. We recommend you come in and visit our experienced team at our Sunshine Coast flooring showroom and see the range of our carpets for yourself.


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