Can you Install Flooring over Tiles?

Unhappy with your existing flooring? Looking to change your flooring to something more appealing?

You could strip out the old flooring and install new flooring. Although, wouldn't it be easier to just install the flooring over your existing floor?

Can you Install New Flooring over tiles | Impact Floors

It can be tedious to strip the old flooring. Not to forget... expensive. If your existing floor is in a good condition, you can install new flooring over it.

However, there are some important things you need to consider.

What is the condition of the tile flooring?

The tiles should be in a good condition. If they are chipped, have cracks, loose or have no grout, they will create problems later. You will need to remove the damaged tiles and replace them with fresh tiles.

Is the flooring even?

If the floor was laid poorly and is uneven, you will need a professional to fix the uneven surface. A new flooring installation should be done on a smooth and level surface.

Laminate Flooring | Impact Floors | Sunshine Coast

Can you install any flooring material over tiles?

Laminate and vinyl planks can be installed over tiles easily. As long as your tile flooring is even and smooth, the planks can be installed over it. The grout lines can be covered by priming the entire tiled area or filling the grout lines.

Laminate is a good option for a number of reasons - it is affordable, low-maintenance, and it is easy to install laminate flooring over tiles. Laminate is comfortable to walk on and doesn't require glue to attach it on the floor.

Carpet - Carpet can be installed easily over tiles. If you are looking for a soft surface to walk over, carpet is a good choice. However, it can get stained easily and will require regular cleaning.

Cork - Cork is water-resistant and it is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. It can also absorb sound and withstand high foot traffic.

Hardwood - Hardwood can be installed over tiles by nailing the planks to a plywood underlay. Using the underlay and hardwood will raise the height of the floor. You will have to check the floor to ceiling height and door clearance to see if it complies with the building codes.

Which flooring option is the best?

In our opinion, laminate flooring is the best option. Easy to install and replace, affordable and high-performing. Cork comes a close second, especially for bathrooms.

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