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Looking for a practical, hard wearing, durable and stylish alternative to timber flooring? Hybrid vinyl flooring is the latest, long lasting and low maintenance option for homes offering an affordable substitute for hardwood flooring. The team at Impact Floors have a huge selection of vinyl hybrid flooring choices to suit everything from modern to traditional decors. We specialise in providing personalised service, professional installations and an extensive range of top quality vinyl flooring products.

Take the first step to a beautiful floor with our Sunshine Coast flooring specialists. Request a hybrid vinyl flooring quote or visit our Sunshine Coast flooring showroom in Maroochydore today.

Looking for Hybrid Vinyl Flooring on the Sunshine Coast?

Elevate any room with high quality, durable, and beautiful hybrid vinyl flooring. With an enormous range from gorgeous mahogany wood tones to lighter barn wood looks, hybrid flooring is the ideal application for any classic or modern styled properties. Ideal for busy family homes or high traffic areas, can be used in all areas of the home from the bathroom to the living area.

Hybrid Vinyl Flooring - Malabar

Benefits of hybrid vinyl flooring

There are many benefits of hybrid vinyl flooring compared to traditional timber or standard vinyl alternatives. With a makeup of tri-layered material, hybrid flooring is the long-lasting flooring choice for your residential or commercial property. With Impact Floors you can have this versatile flooring installed throughout your property with ease. From its stylish appearance to its low maintenance needs, hybrid flooring is the flooring solution you have been waiting for.

  • Waterproof
  • Impact resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Eco-friendly
  • Stain resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Durable

One of the most pronounced qualities of hybrid vinyl planks is its multilayered nature, consisting of:

  • A hard wearing, decorative layer which adds to the high impact resistance of the flooring.
  • The core layer, generally made of a limestone composite core board, which is 80% limestone and 20% vinyl. This layer makes the planks waterproof and non-porous, as well as resistant to extreme changes in temperature.
  • An acoustic backing, providing comfortability underfoot and reduced acoustic feedback.

For an elegant wood look without spending an exorbitant amount on real timber, hybrid vinyl flooring planks provide the perfect solution.

Your home will ooze sophistication with this durable and contemporary flooring alternative. Not only can hybrid vinyl flooring be used in living rooms or dining areas, but due to its waterproof capabilities it can be used in wet areas for kitchen, laundry and bathroom flooring. This means your home can have a single seamless flooring solution running throughout.

To find out more about the versatility of hybrid vinyl plank flooring, get in touch with Impact Flooring today.

Hybrid Vinyl Flooring - Bleached Spotted Gum

Why use Impact Floors for your hybrid vinyl flooring?

The team at Impact Floors has years of experience helping countless customers across the Sunshine Coast to find the ideal vinyl flooring for their home.

  • We recommend customers come in and visit us at our flooring showroom in Maroochydore where our team can show you hundreds of options and provide expert advice on the styles available.
  • We provide you with full size samples to take home and try out.
  • Our flooring specialist will visit your home to carry out a full assessment of your current floor enabling us to provide you with a tailored flooring recommendation.
  • We’ll also provide you with a custom measure service to ensure your vinyl floor quote covers all aspects of the supply and installation.
  • Impact Floors team of professional vinyl floor installers will take care of the complete installation process ensuring a top quality result.

Your trusted experts in hybrid vinyl flooring on the Sunshine Coast

For the very best expert advice on choosing the perfect hybrid vinyl floor product, an extensive range of style options, as well as professional flooring installation services contact the team at Impact Floors at 07 5443 1295 or complete our quick online hybrid vinyl flooring quote form today.

Hybrid vinyl flooring tips

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Cradle Mountain Sassafrass Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Cradle Mountain Sassafrass
Crystal Lake Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Cyrstal Lake
Orinoco Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Bleached Spotted Gum Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Bleached Spotted Gum
Anthracite Oak Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Anthracite Oak
Arctic White Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Arctic White
Blackbutt Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Canyon Oak Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Canyon Oak
Sea Breeze Oak Natural Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Sea Breeze Oak Natural
Wild Spotted Gum Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Wild Spotted Gum
Hydroplank – colour Hudson Oak  HYBRID
Hydroplank - Hudson Oak
Hamptons Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Coastal Blackbutt Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Coastal Blackbutt
Warm Spring Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Warm Spring
Bleached Oak Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Bleached Oak
Burnt Oak Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Burnt Oak
Limed Spotted Gum Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Limed Spotted Gum
Cotton Oak Beige Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Cotton Oak Beige
Cotton Oak Warm Grey Saw Cuts Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Cotton Oak Warm Grey Saw Cuts
Cotton Oak Warm Grey Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Cotton Oak Warm Grey
Spotted Gum Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Spotted Gum
Aspire colour- Sandy Bluff - HYBRID
Aspire colour- Sandy Bluff
Atherton Spotted Gum Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Atherton Spotted Gum
NSW Spotted Gum Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
NSW Spotted Gum
Limed Oak Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Limed Oak
Maple Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Aged Oak Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Aged Oak
Autumn Oak Brown Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Autumn Oak Brown
Drift Wood Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Drift Wood
Frosted Ironbark Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Frosted Ironbark
Spring Valley Oak Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Spring Valley Oak
Stone Washed Spotted Gum Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Stone Washed Spotted Gum
Bleached Spotted Gum Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Bleached Spotted Gum
Homestead Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Walnut Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Kellar Oak Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Kellar Oak
Alpine Grey Ash Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Alpine Grey Ash
Ghost Gum Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Ghost Gum
Jarrah Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Pure Oak Blush Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Pure Oak Blush
Sea Breeze Oak Light Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Sea Breeze Oak Light
Tasmanian Oak XXL Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Tasmanian Oak XXL
Natural Oak Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Natural Oak
New England Blackbutt Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
New England Blackbutt
Limed Oak Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Limed Oak
Stone Wash Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Stone Wash
Cherry Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Blackbutt Select Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Blackbutt Select
Pure Oak Honey Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Pure Oak Honey
River Oak Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
River Oak
Urban Blackbutt Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Urban Blackbutt
Washed Oak Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Washed Oak
Tasmanian Oak Hybrid Vinyl Flooring
Tasmanian Oak

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