Are timber floors suitable for the kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the house. It is the most used area in the home and is subject to spills, moisture and high temperatures.

When refurbishing your kitchen, choose the flooring wisely. Getting the right flooring material can help you save the hassle in the future. Kitchens are prone to spills and have high moisture content. Timber makes for a great option in kitchens as it is durable, low-maintenance, and sustainable.

If you have thought of using timber as a kitchen flooring material, keep reading. Here we have listed some practical reasons for using timber.

Why should you consider timber flooring for your kitchen?

Timber flooring is synonymous with grace and elegance. It is an organic material and is a popular choice as a flooring material.

#1 - Sustainable

Material choice has been increasingly crucial for homeowners. A lot of emphasis is placed on sourcing sustainable materials and building energy-efficient homes.

Choosing timber flooring will help you achieve that goal. It is a natural and renewable material making it a good choice for the environmentally conscious people.

#2 - Resilient

Timber floors are durable and can last for a long time if they are maintained properly. Even if they get scratches or dents, it doesn’t spoil the look of the floor.

Even if there are scratches on the floor, it will blend with the veins of timber and the flooring will look just as great as before.

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#3 - Natural warmth

Timber floors exude a natural warmth and keep the space comfortable all year round. It has an elegant look and will enhance other features in your kitchen.

#4 - Low Maintenance

Timber floors require basic care. Vacuuming and mopping will do the trick. If there are spills, give it a good clean up and you are good to go!

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A lot of people also go for tiles. However, tiles can chip easily if you drop pots or pans on it. And as you may have experienced in the past, tiles can be hard to replace. Tile grouts can also become dirty over time and re-grouting can be painfully time-consuming and laborious. So in our opinion, choose timber and you won't regret it.

Worst flooring options for kitchens

Laminate - Laminate flooring is an affordable and beautiful flooring option. However, laminate can get damaged by water exposure. If water spills seep into the flooring, the core will get warped. A little bit of water won’t harm the floor as long as you clean it immediately.

Carpet - Anything dropped on the kitchen floor would be easily absorbed by the carpet. Carpet absorbs liquids and stains easily.

Marble - Marble looks classy. However, it is porous and prone to stains and scratches.

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Is timber flooring worth the investment?

Yes, definitely! 

Timber is a long-lasting, durable and sustainable option. It is low-maintenance and classy, so you can rest assured your kitchen will look fabulous for years to come!

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