Pros & cons of timber flooring

There’s something about timber flooring that appeals to just about everyone. Timber flooring is perfect for when you want to make a statement. Timber floors are ideal to impart a vintage look to your home.

Selecting flooring can be a tricky decision. If you are looking for timber flooring, keep reading. Here’s a list of the pros and cons of timber you should consider before you go ahead with it.

Pros of timber flooring


If you have visited a historical monument or a period home, you would have noticed those floors are made from timber. This is because timber flooring is long-lasting. It can last for decades with proper maintenance. Plus it looks stunning and makes your home look classy!

Value for money

Wooden flooring is worth every dollar you shell out for it. It increases the value of your home and it’s an investment you won’t regret.

Wide variety of options

Timber flooring comes in a range of colours and prices. The wooden planks have different shades ranging from light to dark. From teak to oak, mahogany to Brazilian Chestnut, you will be spoilt for choices. If you get bored of the flooring, you can get it stained and give the flooring a lift.

Timeless style

Timber flooring ages like a fine wine! Over time, laminate or vinyl flooring might need to be replaced or marble flooring might lose its shine. Wooden flooring might have some wear and tear over time. The flooring can be restored by sanding and refinishing.

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Low maintenance

The flooring can be cleaned easily by vacuuming or mopping. They don’t promote the growth of harmful microbes, mould or allergens. Consequently, the indoor air quality is healthy. Any spills or dust can be cleared easily.


Wood has a negative carbon footprint, it is biodegradable and keeps the carbon contained in itself throughout the entire manufacturing process.

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Cons of wood floors


The overall cost, i.e., supply, and installation of subflooring and hardwood flooring can be more expensive than vinyl or laminate flooring. However, it is durable and it's high-quality makes the price tag reasonable. It will last for decades with some maintenance and will definitely be worth the money you spend.

Termite damage

Some wood flooring can be prone to termite attacks. Termites destroy the flooring structure from the inside out. Regular pest treatments and maintenance are essential to keep the timber floor in a good condition.


Some timber flooring can get damaged if it comes in contact with water or constant moisture. This makes it an unsuitable option for bathrooms and kitchens wherein there are high risks of spills and excess moisture. Moisture can also make the wood expand which can damage the wooden planks.


Timber flooring will provide insulation against noise. However, after years of use, the wear and tear, the planks can create a creaking sound as you walk on the floor.

Scratching or damage

Timber floors can get scratched and damaged in high-traffic areas. If you have kids or pets, you may need to be extra careful or help to maintain the finish by getting it polished periodically.

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