Best flooring solution for keeping warm in winter & cool in summer

Best flooring solution for keeping warm in winter & cool in summer

Carpet is an enduringly popular flooring choice in homes throughout Australia. Particularly suited to bedrooms and cosy living areas, it provides warmth and luxurious comfort, as well as being a durable flooring solution if you choose the right carpet and care for it appropriately.

Wool is the basis of premium carpeting products. Synthetic and combination carpet fibres only mimic the effects of pure wool, which is the single authentically natural, sustainable carpet fibre. The benefits of a wool carpet are myriad and speak for themselves.

Benefits of wool carpet

There are many reasons to fall in love with wool carpet and select it for your home whether throughout or just for your bedrooms. The main benefits of wool carpet include:

  1. Year-Round Comfort
    Wool carpet provides comfort year-round. Warm underfoot in winter, you may be surprised to learn that it is also cool underfoot in summer. There is no other flooring solution that fits so beautifully with your comfort needs regardless of the time of year. Unlike synthetic carpet products, wool is resistant to static buildup and is slip-resistant as well.
  2. Aesthetic Appeal
    The natural fibres of wool carpet lend themselves to an end product which is stunningly beautiful – warm, luxurious, it feels wonderful and is available in an array of colours, tones, textures, and styles.
  3. Fire-Resistant
    Thanks to its high protein and moisture content, wool carpet is renowned as a fire and flame resistant flooring solution. It does not ignite easily; does not easily spread flames or release heat; does not melt or release toxic chemicals, and it self extinguishes very well. It is an extremely safe flooring solution.
  4. Hypoallergenic
    When you install wool carpet, you have hypoallergenic flooring that does not release harmful emissions or promote the growth of bacteria or dust mites. This is a winning combination for allergy sufferers
  5. Affordability
    Compared with other flooring types in terms of durability, longevity, safety, and appeal, wool carpet is an affordable premium option. Depending on the weight of the carpet it can suit all budgets and it is available across a range of price points and there is a product that is perfect for your needs and your budget.
  6. Renewable
    Produced directly from sheep (but without harm to or exploitation of the sheep), wool is 100% natural and renewable. All that is required are water (from rain), sun, and grass for a sheep to produce an ongoing supply of wool, shorn once a year or twice every 18 months. Wool requires less energy to produce than any synthetic fibre and it is environmentally sustainable and eco friendly.
  7. Energy-Efficient
    Having wool carpet in your home reduces your energy requirements for heating and cooling, as it insulates against loss of heat through the floor in winter and the rise of heat through the floor in summer. You will ultimately save money and help the planet by choosing wool carpet.
  8. Stabilises Humidity
    Wool is porous. It can hold up to ten times its weight in moisture; wool carpet absorbs moisture during periods of high humidity and releases moisture during low atmospheric humidity. This stabilizes the relative humidity within your home, improving the quality of the air indoors and neutralizing toxic fumes and airborne particles. It reduces your need to use products to rid your home of damp (e.g. in wardrobes) and helps mitigate the growth of mould and mildew on walls, windowsills, etc.
  9. Biodegradable
    Wool is composed of amino acids, and it quickly biodegrades in soil and produces nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, which are essential plant nutrients. Wool decomposes even in a landfill without producing harmful residues. Decomposing wool promotes grass and other plant growth and is hence beneficial to the planet.
  10. Stain-Resistance and Durability
    Wool has unique properties which enable it to be naturally resistant to dirt and stains. It is robust, elastic, and durable, and is easy to clean and maintain. It does not attract lint. When steam or wet-cleaned, the wool fibres swell and release any dirt particles very effectively.

Beautiful Wool Carpet at Impact Floors

Impact Floors has the stunning wool carpet you seek. We are very conveniently located on the Sunshine Coast. Our beautiful wool carpet and other flooring products are priced to suit budget-conscious and midpoint customers, offering great value without compromising on quality, durability, or visual appeal.

Drop in to have a chat about your vision for your home, and let our experts help you find and install the perfect flooring solution to renovate your floors. Browse our website to discover our range of wool carpet, visit our showroom at 73-79 Wises Rd Maroochydore, QLD, 4558, or call our store today on (07) 5443 1295.

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