How to find the right carpet types for you!

How to find the right carpet types for you!

Most homes feature carpet in some part of the house, but what you might not know is there are lots of different carpet types available. Even if it’s only installed in the bedroom areas, it lends a soft, cosy, warm finish to a room. It quietens a room, absorbing and reducing sound levels, and it insulates at the same time. This means carpeted rooms are warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

There are various things to consider when you choose a carpet for your home. You’ll need to determine everything from your budget to the durability of the carpet that you require based on its location. You’ll need to decide on a colour scheme to suit your home and lifestyle, as well as fibre type.

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Carpet Types

Wool carpet

Wool: a comfortable, sustainable, and traditional carpeting material, wool has been used for carpets and rugs for millennia. It delivers a soft underfoot texture and is resilient and easy to clean. It is a natural fibre and no chemicals are used in its manufacture. Wool carpet will not cause static electric shocks. Wool carpets are ideal for homes where a family member suffers allergies.

Solution dyed nylon carpet

Solution-Dyed Nylon: this carpet is non-porous, resilient, durable. It won’t easily absorb odours or stains and is non-allergenic and anti-static. It won’t shed or pill.


Polypropylene: this synthetic option is stain-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. It is not as resistant to damage as is nylon, however, it is an affordable option and is ideal for rental property installations. It is resistant to mould, mildew, and moisture.

Tips for Choosing Carpet

  • Consider your lifestyle – do you have children or pets? If so, a hard-wearing carpet with a loop pile in a forgiving colour will work better for you than pure wool, plush pile in a flat, light colour (better suited to a couple).
  • Consider the pile of the carpet – a plush pile offers a luxury velvety finish, while a twist pile is similar but with a harder twist. Plush piles do show footprints. A loop pile affords a textured, more casual look.
  • Understand the impact of colour. Lighter carpet colours make a room appear larger while darker carpets lend a cosy effect.
  • Choose a shade or two deeper than your ideal as most carpets appear lighter once installed, and many will fade over time.
  • Check carpet ratings for grade and make sure for heavy traffic areas and stairs that you choose a heavy-duty rating.
  • Walk and even lie on the carpet before you make your choice! If you and your family enjoy sitting, lying, or lounging on the floor, choose a dense, heavyweight carpet.
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