Top Tips For Choosing Your Carpet

Top Tips For Choosing Your Carpet

There’s nothing quite like replacing old, scruffy, threadbare or grubby carpet with brand new flooring, and fresh new carpet remains a very popular flooring option throughout Australia. New carpet that is of high quality instantly lifts a room, giving it warmth and a cosy feel, softening its aesthetic and making for a very comfortable space.

But selecting your new carpet can be daunting. What type of carpet material should I choose? What colour carpet will work best for my home?

are some simple tips to help you choose the right carpet for your home and lifestyle:

Consider your lifestyle

Your lifestyle and family will be huge determining factors for the type of carpet you choose. A couple with no pets or children will have very different requirements than a family with young kids and indoor pets. For example, those who require a more hardwearing, sturdy and durable carpet will be better selecting a hard twist cut or textured loop pile in a darker colour. Entertainers will also need to consider the tone and durability of their carpet choice.

Consider the carpet fibre type

There is an array of options when it comes to the fibre from which your carpet is manufactured. These include 100% wool, wool-nylon mix, and synthetic fibres of numerous types including nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and others.

Wool is the most commonly used natural fibre in carpet. (Other natural carpet fibres include but are not limited to cotton, coir, sisal, silk, jute and seagrass). Wool is durable and is initially stain resistant. Synthetic fibres are far superior for carpets when it comes to general stain resistance and ease of care. Synthetic carpets are also durable, in particular nylon, and nylon carpet is great in high traffic areas. Synthetic fibre carpets are also generally more affordable than natural fibres.

Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) is a great, modern carpeting option. Flexible and durable and can be specially treated to increase resistance to stains. It lasts a long time, is easy to clean, and is resistant to soil and dirt. Solution Dyed Nylon carpets are also anti-static treated. It’s a fantastic carpet flooring option that looks great and is easy to maintain for a long time.

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Consider the carpet pile

The term “pile” refers to the density and pattern of the fibres within a carpet.

  • Loop pile – these textured carpets have loops of yarn; they don’t show footprints at all and are great for high traffic areas. Loop pile is available in two main types: Sisal has straight rows and different patterns; Multi-Level Loop Pile has fibre loops of varying heights and is extremely durable
  • Cut pile- this style is manufactured by cutting the carpet yarn loops – the resulting pile is upright and appears more formal and luxurious than a loop pile. The cut pile may be of three types. Plush is soft, thick and velvety, it is slightly twisted and shows footprints. The twist is highly twisted in design and lies in many different directions; it is hardwearing and ideal for areas of heavy traffic. It has a texture that doesn’t show footprints. Frieze has a long pile with a shaggy, less formal appearance; it is incredibly durable.

Consider the carpet colour

Understand the impact of carpet colour. Light colours expand the appearance of a room, while darker tones give an effect of cosiness. A subtle blend of neutral tones is a good option to get the best of both worlds and minimise the appearance of stains.

You also need to understand that the carpet will appear lighter when installed and it will also fade over time, especially in rooms that are exposed to the sun. As a result of this, it’s recommended that you select a carpet a shade or two deeper than your ideal option.

How does it feel?

Do you like to lounge on the floor? Do you have kids who play on the floor? Make sure your carpeting choice feels comfortable and is denser. Also, check ratings – carpet for stairs should be rated as such, as should carpet for heavy-duty areas have the appropriate rating.

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