How to plan your reno in the holidays

How to plan your reno in the holidays

Are you thinking of renovating and revamping your home?

Your home is your haven, and giving it a new lease on life is a great investment, both to add monetary value to your house itself as well as to enhance your home’s liveability and appeal overall.

Whether you intend to add an extension, rebuild an area of your home, or simply revamp your space with a fresh coat of paint and some new engineered timber flooring to update its aesthetic, it’s an exciting, yet potentially overwhelming, undertaking.

Planning is key

Any renovation, large or small, is going to take a lot of planning and you need to have a clear vision and a concise plan of action before you even think of getting started. This means following a practical timeline that incorporates your vision, early insights, measurements, design, project planning, hiring trades, and executing your renovation.

The summer holidays are a great time to plan your renovation. You may decide to simply make your plan during the break or to execute a previously-made plan while you’re on holidays from work. Both will work – as long as you have planned ahead. It’s the time of year we’re almost all feeling most relaxed and positive; you have time off work to unwind and focus – and this is the mindset you need to be in to make great decisions and get your renovation planning sorted out.

Renovating: What to consider?

Before you get the ball rolling on your renovation, you need to make a comprehensive plan.


  1. Concept Design: Do this well in advance – begin even as long as a year before you’re ready to begin renovating. Browse websites and magazines for inspiration, as well as being inspired by homes you love of friends and family. Take inspiration from your favourite colours, season, vacations, and even styled rooms in travel blogs or similar. Instagram and Pinterest are fantastic, accessible social media platforms which are a cornucopia for inspiration when it comes to architecture, design, and styling. Collate images you love and create a mood board (physical or virtual) to put it all together. Tip the colour you see in images isn’t the same in realtiy so make sure you check out samples of the products you like to ensure the colour is correct, saves lots of heartache in the long run!
  2. Visit Showrooms: Do this at least six months prior to your planned start-date for renovating. By now you should have a clear vision for your renovation. Check out everything you’ll need – from walls to windows, engineered timber flooring to tapware, light fittings to furniture. Compile a wishlist including prices and lead times, erring on the side of caution for both.
  3. Set your Budget: And stick to it! What can you afford? What are you willing to spend? How much are you willing and able to borrow? Work within your budget – and know that there are affordable options that can translate to stunning results. Modify your concept to suit your budget and shop around for great deals from local suppliers.
  4. Arrange your Trades: Seek at-home consultations with architects, designers, and specialists, particularly if you are renovating a kitchen or bathroom or rebuilding an area of your home. They can provide recommendations and quotes based on your space and your vision. You will also need to determine whether to use separate contractors for each component of your renovation or to enlist a project manager to handle and oversee the entire job on your behalf.
  5. Finalise Dates: Three months before you commence your renovation, lock in your start date, projected finish date, and send a plan for your project to all interested parties. Factor in unforeseen delays due to everything from inclement weather, public holidays, tradie sickies, and material delivery issues.
  6. Organise Flooring, Paint, & Fixtures: this includes selecting and ordering carpet, vinyl, hardwood or engineered wood flooring; tiles, splashbacks, and the like. Soon thereafter, you’ll need to do the same for your tapware and fixtures, light fittings, handles, and appliances such as dishwasher, range hood, oven, and refrigerator. You’ll also need to book painters a month in advance of the completion of your renovation so they are available when you are ready for them. Another handy tip, flooring should be something you decide on firstly because it unpins everything in the house, whilst it’s the first thing to decide on it is usually the last to go in. If you are looking at a floating floor which would be an engineered timber floor or a vinyl hybrid floor keep in mind the skirting boards a kickers from the base of the kitchen need to be left off and they will be the last thing to gon on. Therefore if painting and remodelling a kitchen all that needs to be done first and then the floor will be installed and the tirms fitted ready for you to move back in.
  7. Get Renovating! By the time you commence your renovation, everything should be arranged and sorted.

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