How to choose the right colour flooring

How to choose the right colour flooring

So you’ve decided it’s time to update your floors. But this decision is just the first of many you’ll need to make. What type of flooring should you choose – engineered timber floorboards, carpet, vinyl, hybrid vinyl plank, your options are wide and varied.

So too are your options when it comes to the colour of your chosen flooring. You need to consider the environment of your home and the room or rooms you’re re-flooring, as well as the look you hope to achieve. Factors such as your existing furnishings and room sizes will also come into play.

How to select the perfect floor colour

Your flooring is a room’s foundation and it is a vital element of your interior design. Your chosen flooring will impact the overall aesthetic of your home and you need to make your selection based on how it will complement your walls, furnishings, and decor.

What do you want to achieve?

  • Warm and Cosy
  • Light and Airy
  • Moody
  • Classic
  • Contemporary
  • A single floor throughout your home, or a room-by-room approach that works seamlessly

Consider the size of your room

Lighter coloured flooring will work to open up a room and make it appear larger than it is; a darker floor will have the opposite effect. Also note that unified flooring throughout your home creates streamlined flow, whereas mixing your flooring types (e.g. engineered wood flooring coupled with carpet) has the effect of creating separate zones within the home.

Consider the light

This includes both natural and artificial light. As light evolves throughout the day (especially natural light), the colour of your floors will also alter and gradually evolve. You should compare samples you’re interested in in the morning, at midday, in the afternoon, and at night under your artificial light to determine exactly how it will look. If you have little natural light, choose lighter flooring to brighten your room. On the other hand, if your room gets abundant natural light throughout the day, a darker floor (providing rooms are not small) can evoke a dramatic effect.

Consider the impact of colour

Colour creates a mood. Flooring is a very effective tool to create a specific atmosphere within a room or a home.

  • Dark floors with white walls can be very effective through contrast and widen a room.
  • Dark floors with dark furniture and walls can be sombre and minimising.
  • Dark walls and floor with a light ceiling provide a light-and-shadow effect
  • Dark furniture on a light floor can be airy.
  • Light walls and floors will widen a room but may look sterile.
  • Dark walls with a light floor will draw the eye horizontally.
  • A light floor and ceiling with a dark feature wall will make a room look and feel smaller.

Consider your room’s context

Don’t make the mistake of considering only an empty room when you choose your flooring. Select your flooring hue to complement rather than compete with your decor.

This includes:

  • Your room’s purpose
  • Your furniture
  • Your wall colour/s
  • Your window dressings
  • Will you use rugs?
  • Do you have statement artwork or other pieces to display?

Flooring ideas include:

  • Black timber or engineered wood flooring for a contemporary, classy, and luxurious or urban aesthetic.
  • Light or light wood flooring finishes for a coastal beach feel.
  • Choose Norwegian pine or light maple in whitish hues for a bright and contemporary effect.
  • Brown floors are earthy and rustic.
  • Yellow/beige flooring is an optimistic and modern look – think maple, beech, or light oak timber colours.
  • Reddish tones are warm and harmonious.
  • Grey floors are peaceful and chic and can make classic furnishings appear more contemporary.

Ultimately, the colour, style, and finish of your floor will set the tone for your home – so you want to get it right from the outset. That’s why you need to visit Impact Floors.

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