Hybrid Vinyl Promotion at Impact Floors

Hybrid Vinyl Promotion at Impact Floors

Summer is over now, and though the weather is still warm, autumn is here! At Impact Floors, we have a fantastic promotion right now on Hybrid Vinyl. These high quality, durable flooring planks are stunningly beautiful and are available from just $49 per square metre – making them the ideal affordable choice for your DIY flooring upgrade at home!

Hybrid vinyl offers a vast array of benefits, and they are not difficult to install yourself providing you have some know-how and are a skilled home handyman or woman. You also need to have the right tools at hand. While DIY installation of hybrid vinyl planks is very satisfying if you enjoy home improvement projects, Impact Floors does offer a professional installation service (for a fee) – which delivers a fantastic result that is guaranteed.

Benefits of Hybrid Vinyl

Why choose hybrid vinyl planks for your home? The benefits of hybrid vinyl from Impact Floors speak for themselves…

  • Cost-effective: The elegance and sophistication of real hardwood without the price tag and high-maintenance requirements.
  • Quiet: Hybrid vinyl flooring is quiet, unlike some other hard flooring solutions. Our planks are acoustically tested, and the results of this testing consistently demonstrate noise reduction.
  • Stain and Scratch Resistant: unlike hardwood flooring and other products.
  • Durable: Our hybrid vinyl is impervious to the extreme conditions that are inherent to the harsh Australian climate. Our rigid vinyl planks can even withstand direct heat and extreme cold, with the lowest expansion and contraction rates of any similar product.
  • Water Resistant: Our hybrid vinyl planks are impervious to moisture, and as such, can be installed in damp or wet areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries. Your planks won’t ever warp or peel and the flooring surface can be mopped without any issues resulting from it.
  • Eco-Friendly: Real hardwood timber floorboards require a lot of maintenance to retain their aesthetic. Thanks to the unique, rigid construction and composition of our hybrid vinyl, you don’t need to oil, sand or refinish the boards. They are a simple, cost-effective, and lasting flooring choice.
  • Easy to Install: Our rigid Hybrid Vinyl planks click together tightly with no gapping for a smooth and streamlined result. No adhesives are required for installation – all you need is a rubber mallet, and three gentle taps on the end join to lock them into place.

Products we are Offering in our Current Promotion

We are offering the following products in our current Hybrid Vinyl Promotion:

  • Aspire Hybrid Planks 10 fashionable colours
  • Hydromax WPC Planks 14 modern colours

Our planks measure 6.5mm – 7.5mm in thickness and are nice and long, at 1800mm in length. These are much higher in quality and cost-effectiveness than the planks you can buy elsewhere.
The Aspire Hybrid Flooring range is a new generation product known as Rigid Composite Board. It is suitable for installation over Hydronic In-slab Underfloor Heating (but not other underfloor heating products).

Tips for DIY Hybrid Vinyl Installation

Keep costs down – install your hybrid vinyl floor yourself! If you work within the trade or have a good handle on how to complete home improvement jobs, and the confidence to do so, self-installation can be very satisfying.

Jump online and ensure you follow the Manufactures installation instructions

Please note: If you are not a flooring professional you could void the installation part of the warranty.

Take Advantage of our Hybrid Vinyl Promotion Today

Come to Impact Floors today to discover our Hybrid Vinyl Promotion – but be quick! Visit our showroom on the beautiful Sunshine Coast today to explore our full range of flooring solutions for your home and save money as you find the perfect solution for your home! Call us today on (07) 5443 1295.

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